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Storm cleanup is often a tiresome chore dreaded by every homeowner. You can make this easier by assigning the project to an arborist. Sometimes, a felled tree or several large branches are beyond your tools and knowledge, and it is best to delegate this to a professional. Here are five reasons why:

  • Save time: If a storm covers your yard with branches, leaves or even entire trees, it is not a job that you can handle alone. Making your yard safe again will take time, and that may not be in abundance for you. Your life is full with your own job, family and leisure activities, and it is unlikely you want to lose precious free time handling a job that may be beyond your means. Hire us and we will clean while you devote time to other things.
  • Benefit from expertise: Removing trees and large branches can be touchy. If a tree is teetering and close to falling on your home, you need to call an arborist immediately so it can be removed in a safe manner. Letting it linger could lead to waking up to a resounding crash as the tree takes out your roof. If large branches pierce your roof, we can remove them without additional damage. Once there, we can check the structural integrity of any trees left standing and make sure they remain safe. While you may be able to finish some cleanup on your own, that is an important step you may forget.
  • Trees receive corrective trimming: A tree may have survived a storm, but it likely has weak spots that can cause trouble later. We can remove damaged branches so they do not pose a risk. This also helps the tree grow better and recover from minor damage. You will have a healthier tree with a large, beautiful canopy for providing summer shade. This also allows us to remove any broken limbs that remain stuck in trees. These can fall unexpectedly and cause serious injury to people or animals below. With summer often bringing people, including children, to your yard, this is not a risk worth taking.
  • Damaged tree removal: If a tree is considered a lost cause, we can remove it safely, quickly and with minimal impact to your property. Like picking up branches and cleaning up your yard, this is also a time-consuming process for people who do not have experience in this area. Also, removing damaged trees is risky and you need a professional to assure this occurs safely.
  • Handle tricky situations: Trees may lean against or touch power or telephone lines. We have the resources to take care of this situation so it is resolved before anyone gets hurt. You never want to handle a tree that is touching power or telephone lines. It is possible to incur an electric shock at the base of the tree—especially if the ground is wet.

If you require an arborist for tree inspections, pruning and storm damage cleanup, call Allan’s Tree Service today.

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