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Summer is not far away, and you need to invest in tree care before it starts. This involves several inspection and summer storm preparation tasks that will keep trees healthy, but also reduce property impacts should we have a summer storm this year. Here is what needs to happen for pre-summer tree care in this area:

  • Inspection: Trees may have contracted a disease during winter or developed several dead branches. This can make them dangerous, and if a storm hits, your roof is likely to be assaulted by branches! There is also a chance that the tree died during winter and now it is an accident and large expense waiting to happen. Hiring an arborist to visit your home and inspect your trees can save many headaches and an insurance claim further down the road. You will know for certain if your trees can withstand future storms, and can make your property safer.
  • Pruning: Regular trims give trees long lives. Pruning removes dead or dying limbs so trees do not waste energy trying to resuscitate them. Removing excess allows trees to thrive and grow new and improved branches. You will also enjoy a better canopy, which offers excellent shade when the hot temperatures hit. Pruning also removes the damaged branches that are most likely to pierce your roof during a summer storm. Hiring an arborist for this effort is worth it for your trees’ health and your peace of mind.
  • Tree removal: If a tree is deemed dangerous, you have little choice but to remove it. As it keeps dying and decaying, it is a crushed roof waiting to happen. This is not a job fit for consumer yard equipment, so it is easier and safer to delegate this effort to us. This service includes cutting down the tree, removing it and disposing of the debris so you can plant a new tree as soon as possible.
  • Cleanup: Even though our winters are mild, people are still reluctant to spend time outside cleaning up branches. Since wind- and rainstorms happen all year round, we can clean up the debris for you when we visit for inspection and pruning. This makes your property safer, but also alerts us to any diseases or structural shortcomings in your trees. If you have any old stumps, we can remove those as well so you have the option to plant a new tree. You can start summer with healthy trees and a cleaner yard!
  • Live oak tree care: This is the perfect time for any live oak tree care you require. This includes structural and sculptural pruning to help oaks stay strong and look their best. You likely want an improved appearance for your oaks this summer, so schedule it now. We also offer cabling and bracing to further assist with growth patterns.

Allan’s Tree Service is here for you when you require tree care. Call us today to schedule an appointment for inspection, pruning, specialized trimming and even tree removal.

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