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Think about your yard and the plants in it. Maybe your mind jumped right to your beautiful flowerbeds and raised vegetable planters, and you overlooked the biggest plants in your yard: the trees. Even though they are bigger and stronger than your other plants, we often forget to treat them like our more vulnerable plants. But like your flower and vegetable gardens, trees can also benefit from periodic fertilization. It’s important to remember that poor nutrition and a lack of proper care can lead to tree damage and even death.

The time is now to start caring for the trees on your property! Here are five benefits of tree fertilization:

  • Provides important nutrients: The simple fact of the matter is that trees enjoy nutrients, just like our smaller plants and shrubs. But unlike our plants and shrubs, trees don’t show signs of fatigue as quickly, as it can take a while to see the signs of malnutrition. Many times, homeowners don’t see a problem until severe damage occurs. This can be avoided with preventative fertilization.
  • Makes trees strong to fight disease and injury: Trees that are large and sturdy don’t show signs of fatigue as fast as smaller plants, so it can take longer to see the signs of disease. Broken limbs and weak roots can happen slowly, but in the end, the result is inevitably a damaged or dead tree. By providing the right nutrients early and often, you can avoid damage and breakage further down the line.
  • Improves growth and health: Think of fertilizer as protein for your trees. When humans exercise, they need to eat the right diet to build muscle; it is no different for your trees and plants. By watering often and feeding trees the right nutrients, you can ensure better growth and better overall plant health. On the flip side of this coin, neglecting trees can lead to weak branches, a patchy canopy or any number of other symptoms of poor tree health.
  • Loosens soil for better root development:Soil is just as important as nutrients for the health of any plant. During times of drought and flood, soil can be damaged either by drying out completely, or by becoming too wet and eroded. Be sure to check the status of your soil and take the necessary steps to ensure it will not damage your trees.
  • Reduces tree stress: From the roots to the branches and the leaves, nutrients play an important role in the overall strength of your trees. When a tree is well nourished, it is able to flex and move with the winds and other outside forces. But a poorly nourished tree will see breaks to limbs and damage to bark.

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