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When it comes to clearing a private or commercial property for a new development, few people are truly equipped to handle the job on their own. To do it right the first time, you need the skills, knowledge and, most of all, the right tools. Many times, people think they will save time and money by doing the job themselves, but they end up frustrated and with less cash than they started out with. Whatever your reason for thinking about lot clearing, you may find you haven’t considered everything that lot clearing actually requires. What crucial tree removal details might you be overlooking?

Let’s take a look at some good reasons to leave lot clearing to the professionals.

The right tools for the job

To properly clear a lot of trees and plants, you likely need a variety of tools, the least of which is a tractor and the appropriate attachments. Shears and handsaws are good for removing smaller limbs, but when you come across things like well-established roots and big rocks, you’ll be glad you have the brute force of a tractor to pull and dig it all out with. Otherwise, you could spend hours digging and pulling tree roots out with a conventional 4×4 vehicle, or by hand.

Risks are around the corner

Whenever you embark on physical labor like tree removal, there is the potential to get hurt. It could be a fall or an equipment malfunction that injures you, but whatever the case, a professional land clearing team comes prepared. Hiring a reputable team ensures they will be licensed and bonded, meaning you are covered in the event of an incident and are able to pursue legal action if they damage your property.

It’s all in the strategy

If you are like most people, you’re thinking, “How much strategy could possibly be involved in clearing a lot?” The short answer is, quite a bit. A professional team will have an attack plan ready in advance to ensure they finish faster and safer than an amateur. They may tackle little items first, and then head back to pull out stumps and clear larger debris. Whatever plans a professional lot clearing team might employ, speed and safety are two of their main priorities.

They deal with all the tree debris

When you have a large tree professionally pruned, the company you hire will take all those piles of cut branches and leaves away with them. Likewise, a professional land clearing team will either haul your debris or safely burn it to make sure the land is actually cleared before they leave. Too often, people end up with enormous piles of vegetation and debris following an amateur clearing, or they burn it in an unsafe manner. Be sure to consult an expert before creating a potentially dangerous situation.

Whether you are seeking a professional team for expert tree services, tree pruning or lot clearing, know you can turn to Allan’s Tree Service anytime. Contact us today!

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