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When it comes to watering, it is possible to give a tree too much of a good thing. Overwatering is a common issue discovered by any tree service, and Allan’s Tree Service is no exception. It is a good idea to consult a specialist if you are uncertain of how much water to give to a tree, or if you introduce a new species to your yard. Taking those precautions prevents the following five hazards of overwatering:

  • Disease: When you water a tree, the soil should be slightly damp but not soaked. If there is pooling, or you feel you sink three feet into the ground as you walk by a tree, it is likely overwatered. This may seem like a good precaution for a hot summer, but it is a harbinger of disease. Excess water creates the perfect environment for fungus and bacteria. Many tree diseases arise from sitting water and can affect stability and appearance. Worse yet, the diseases may spread to other trees. Controlling the amount of sitting water around a tree reduces this possibility.
  • Erosion: If your trees are located on a slope or a terraced landscape, too much water can break apart your landscaping. This causes problems that range from annoying your neighbors to creating dangerous situations. Install retaining walls where there is a risk, and be careful to give trees just the right amount of water. Using drip hoses in these areas helps you control water better and avoid this issue.
  • Oxygen deprivation: Overwatering trees is literally drowning them. Much like if we drown, the tree also is deprived of oxygen. This affects growth, and if you overwater over a long period of time, it may kill the tree. Besides controlling the amount of water you give a tree, you should also pay close attention to the ground around it if a heavy rainstorm or irrigation failure causes water accumulation. You may need to hold off on watering for a few days until these conditions improve.
  • Dangerous trees: As trees are deprived of oxygen and nutrients, they become weaker, and eventually dangerous. You will first notice changes in appearance, as leaves turn brittle and curl up or even change colors out of season. Eventually, you will notice fungi around the base, and branches will weaken and fall off. If you do not reverse the situation soon, the tree can fall over and damage your home or property.
  • Damage to other landscaping: If you overwater trees, you likely overwater the plants surrounding them. This can eventually kill your landscaping scheme, even if your tree survives the overwatering. Shrubs also catch diseases from water accumulation and can spread those to other plants. When you overwater, you not only affect your trees, but you create a disease vector in your yard. Unless you want to redo your landscaping every few years, find ways to control watering.

Allan’s Tree Service offers trimming, stump grinding and other tree service. If you require assistance after overwatering a tree, contact us right away.

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