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Summer is not an easy time for tree care. Warmer temperatures demand you keep trees hydrated, but this can be challenging as temperatures rise and there is less precipitation. However, if you water trees too much, you can face other problems. There is no doubt that this is a delicate balance. If you would like to keep your trees thriving through the summer, here are five care tips to keep them well watered:

  • Water in the morning: The best time to water trees is early in the morning. Lower temperatures create less evaporation so the water reaches the roots rather than disappears into the sky. If you miss the morning watering routine, wait until late afternoon, as it remains light enough to see what you are doing but is not as hot as the middle of the day. Do not water too late in the day because you risk fungi infection on leaves and roots.
  • Use sprinklers: To assure you use enough water while still avoiding overwatering, use a sprinkler or drip hose. You will want to water trees about three times longer than you would your lawn. If you are using a sprinkler, place a bucket under it as you water. When two inches of water accumulate in the bucket, you are done watering. Another test is to use a screwdriver. Insert it into the ground, and if it sinks six to eight inches, you’ve provided enough water to the tree. If you notice pooling or soggy ground, this means you watered too much and should wait an extra day before you water again.
  • Know proper frequency: Generally, you want to water trees every three days with roughly five gallons of water. Depending on species, you may wish to adjust the amount of water and the frequency. If you are unsure of a good watering schedule for your tree, ask a local tree specialist. Some trees are more resistant to summer temperatures than others, and you want to give them the correct care.
  • Add mulch: While you need to be careful how you spread it, mulch makes watering trees more manageable. It prevents evaporation and acts as a barrier if you neglect a sprinkler and accidentally overwater. If you use mulch, do not pile it around the tree in a volcano-like cone. That can cut off crown roots and kill the tree. Arrange in a saucer shape around the tree and keep it six inches away from the trunk.
  • Keep leaves dry: When you water trees, try to keep the leaves as dry as possible. Using a drip hose or garden hose keeps the water where it needs to be—near the roots. If you soak a tree every time you water it, the leaves can grow mold and fungus. These conditions threaten tree health, so keep sprinklers controlled and use a drip hose when possible.

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