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Arborists use a complex series of techniques and a deep, advanced knowledge of flora to provide holistic tree care that makes your trees both healthier and better in appearance. Because of their holistic approach to tree care, most arborists are capable of providing you and your trees with a number of important services that can add value to your property and help your home or business thrive.

A large number of tasks can be expertly performed by an arborist, making them the perfect one-stop shop for anyone looking to have their trees serviced. Here are just some of the operations that arborists are capable of performing:

  • Planting: If you are hoping to get your arboreal collection off the ground, you may be surprised to learn about the complexities surrounding properly planted trees. It is of the utmost importance that your trees are planted with the guidance of a qualified professional!
  • Fertilization: Arborists can provide a wide range of health care services to your trees, including fertilization. It is extremely important that your tree receives frequent and regular fertilization, as this will enhance the health of its roots and allow it to grow strong and more evenly in nearly any type of soil.
  • Pest removal: Another component of your tree’s health care that an arborist can provide is pest removal. By setting up traps, applying pesticide and employing other insect and animal damage prevention measures, arborists can help your tree grow without interference from hungry critters.
  • Pruning: Everyone knows that it is important to prune trees to promote their healthy growth and maintain a desirable aesthetic, but very few people know how to properly do so! Hiring a qualified arborist can help you ensure that your trees are pruned in the proper fashion, and give you peace of mind about the overall health of your investments.
  • Emergency services: Even trees that have been well cared for are susceptible to emergency conditions. For instance, storms can cause trees to lose limbs, trees can get struck by lightning and flooding can damage root systems. If your tree is in need of emergency care services, most arborists will be able to assist you in no time at all!
  • Removal: Whether an old tree has died or you’re hoping to make space for a new addition to your collection, arborists can assist you with a wide range of tree removal services. For instance, most arborists can perform tree risk assessments, meaning that they will be able to identify if your tree poses a threat to your home.

For more than a decade, Allan’s Tree Service has been the premier arborist. If you are looking for a highly qualified team to care for your trees, contact one of your talented and knowledgeable service representatives today! We are known throughout the region for our prompt, professional services and diverse skill sets. We are able to provide your property with all the arborist services needed to keep your trees happy and healthy under any conditions!

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