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Do your trees need a little TLC? Keeping your trees properly trimmed and well cared for makes your property more attractive and safer. But how can you know whom to trust with this care? Who should you call for tree service in Baton Rouge?

Not every company is worthy of your trust. Unfortunately, there are unscrupulous organizations out there that pose as professional arborists but are actually scammers. To find a company you can count on for honest, reliable service, use the following tips.

1. Close the Door on Scammers

Never do business with door-to-door contractors. These individuals are often con artists hoping to make a quick buck. Legitimate businesses advertise and wait for you to contact them. A project such as tree trimming is not something you should decide to do on the spur of the moment when someone knocks on your door. It should be planned out and discussed with a reliable tree service in Baton Rouge.

2. Root Out Scammers with Research

Don’t simply take their word for it that a company is wonderful. Do a little research of your own. Ask around. Have any friends, neighbors or relatives used this service? With what services have they had good experiences? Look for reviews online, too. Check industry websites, the Better Business Bureau and other relevant sites. See what others are saying about the company before you trust them with your tree service in Baton Rouge. If you can’t find any reviews or find a lot of negative ones, look elsewhere for your service provider.

3. Protect Your Wallet from Scammers

Always get an exact estimate for tree service in Baton Rouge. Be sure to obtain this in writing. Then, carefully consider the total. Are they offering a bargain price that seems too good to be true? If so, it probably is. The company probably has very little experience and will not complete the job well, or they are scammers who don’t intend to complete the job at all. Beware of exorbitant rates, too. To get a good idea of what’s reasonable, obtain estimates from at least three companies. Beware of extremes at either end to avoid scams.

4. Prevent Liability Due to Scammers

A legitimate tree service in Baton Rouge has proper insurance coverage. This includes liability and worker’s compensation. Ask for proof of insurance before you begin working with a company. Their insurance carrier should provide this to you directly, so the company cannot forge a document. Without this coverage, you may be liable for any injuries or property damages that occur.

5. Dodge Scammers After Disaster

Don’t let scam artists make your disaster situation worse. Some prey on vulnerable individuals who have suffered property damage due to storms. They see this as an opportunity to overcharge. They may also hope to get away with little or no insurance coverage because homeowners are too preoccupied to check on these credentials. It’s hard to perform due diligence in the midst of a disaster, but it’s worth the effort to avoid a scam.

Contact the Pros

The best way to avoid scams when searching for tree service in Baton Rouge is to contact professionals with a proven track record. The experienced arborists at Allan’s Tree Service are ready to assist you. Contact us today for honest, reliable service.

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