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If you experience problems with your car, you take it to a mechanic. If you have a toothache, you visit your dentist. If you need trimming or other care for your trees, you grab a saw and hope for the best. What’s wrong with this picture? It doesn’t make sense. The logical thing to do is contact an arborist for the best tree service. This expert can properly care for your trees to produce the best results for your property.

If you’re debating whether or not to hire an arborist for your tree service, consider these advantages:

  1. Expertise: An arborist has the training and knowledge required for tree care. Like a mechanic with your car, they can apply this expertise to the planting and maintenance of your trees.
  2. Emergencies: Do you need tree clean-up after a storm? Has a tree crashed down on your property? Certified arborists offer emergency services to assist you. They will be able to assess the situation and determine the best solution.
  3. Landscape planning: Which trees will work best on your property? How should you incorporate trees with the rest of your landscaping? An arborist can answer these questions and more, to help you create the best landscape plan for your home or business.
  4. Comprehensive care: What type of tree care do you need? Pruning? Planting? Removal? Soil aeration? An arborist offers a full line of tree services, so you don’t have to contact multiple companies for different tasks.
  5. Diagnosis: It’s not uncommon for trees to contract diseases. If you have a sick tree on your property, an arborist can evaluate the tree and offer a diagnosis. They can then work with you to determine the best solution to either treat the tree or remove it.
  6. Prevention: Regular tree maintenance performed by an arborist can help prevent tree infection and death. Their proper care can keep trees healthy and increase their lifespan.
  7. Fertilization: Simply tossing some fertilizer on the ground near your tree is rarely enough to help it stay healthy. An arborist knows the specific nutrients trees need and will help you apply the best products to keep your trees healthy.
  8. Trimming: An amateur with a trimmer can cause more harm than good. Pruning or trimming trees without the knowledge of proper methods can damage trees or even kill them. A certified arborist has the skills and tools needed to shape your trees for beauty and health.
  9. Regulations: Does your city or county have any regulations concerning tree removal or other tree services? A certified arborist stays up to date on local regulations to ensure the proper procedures are followed and no fines are assessed.
  10. Insurance: If an accident occurs on your property, it can be costly, even if you have insurance. A certified arborist has their own insurance, so you will not have to pay if an accident occurs.

Don’t miss out on the many benefits of hiring an arborist for your tree service. Contact the experts at Allan’s Tree Service today for better trees tomorrow.

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