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Everyone in Louisiana knows what time of year it is: hurricane season. Before the news hits about a big storm ready to pummel the region, you need to prepare. Those heavy winds and rains will take their toll and cause plenty of damage.

But preparation isn’t just about boarding up your windows and stocking up on supplies. It’s also vital to take care of your property’s trees to be certain they won’t be a risk to you and your family.

When you’re looking for expert tree care in Baton Rouge, LA, check Allan’s Tree Service. We’ve been the choice of homeowners around the area for more than two decades. Here’s what we do to help you prepare for hurricane season:

  • Planning: Take a look around your property along with the help of a tree expert and determine where problem areas might be. One thing to look for is older or potentially diseased trees that may be weaker. These are liable to fall in the event of the storm, damaging your home or even causing personal injury.
  • Clear up debris and stumps: If there are large tree limbs, branches, stumps or other debris in your yard, the time to remove them is now. These can become dangerous projectiles in the event of a severe storm. Have professionals come through to make sure your property is safe.
  • Pruning: Cutting back branches that are near the house, especially to windows, is also important. These are liable to break off or be violently swept around by high gusts of wind. What’s called “topping,” or cutting off the top of the tree so it’s shorter, isn’t recommended by arborists. By cutting off those strong, central limbs, you actually weaken the tree and increase the chance that it will fall.
  • Call the pros early on: Any tree service in the South is going to be busy during hurricane season. That’s why it’s crucial to call early and find a high-quality service that can take care of your commercial and residential property. If you wait, you’ll have to get in line and they may not be able to come before that big storm makes landfall.

If you want peace of mind in tree care in Baton Rouge, LA, then trust the licensed and insured professionals with Allan’s Tree Service. We’re here to offer the full gamut of services to ensure the growth and health of your property’s trees. That’s because we’re expert arborists who love what we do. From routine care to fertilization to tree planting and removal, we do it all. And we deliver tailored, friendly customer service.

We’re a leader in the region and a family-owned and operated company invested in the community. We take pride in a job well done and never recommend services your tree doesn’t need. Instead, count on us to take special care of your trees, no matter their needs. Call us today to learn more about services and receive a free quote.

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