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Tree pruning is one way your trees stay healthy. It’s a lot like trimming your hair so newer, healthier hair can grow in. But where do you even begin with pruning? Many property owners do take the time to learn the basics of proper tree pruning. They may even own the right equipment for the job. For everyone else, there are plenty of qualified tree service professionals ready to help! You might be wondering if it’s completely necessary to prune your trees—the answer is yes. Below are some of the most important reasons to invest in routine tree pruning in Baton Rouge.

Improves tree growth

Most all trees that receive routine pruning do better throughout the year. Trees need resistant, deep running roots to hold themselves down during wild storms. They are able to stand up to harsh winter weather like whipping winds and rain. Quite literally, they are stronger and stay standing, with their branches attached. Make sure you hire a professional certified arborist to prune your trees, as they are experts in proper pruning techniques. Pruning helps your trees grow stronger root systems, sturdier limbs and new branches, and keeps them healthier overall.

Keeps trees strong and healthy

As we mentioned above, better tree health is a result of proper tree pruning. In fact, pruning away dead branches and other tree parts actually encourages healthy plant growth. Another benefit of pruning is that your tree will have an easier time avoiding and fighting off disease, infection and pests.

Aesthetic benefits

The reason most homeowners and business property owners prune their trees is for aesthetics. That’s because a tree that is free of dead branches and shaped nicely is more visually appealing. Removing dead or diseased limbs gives way to newer, healthy growth, as does trimming parts that tend to grow faster than others. Ultimately, an aesthetically pleasing tree typically has been pruned the right way, and regularly.

Reduces risk of accidents

Proper tree pruning is vital for reducing the risk of accidents. Dead branches and those that are heavy with fruits, nuts or leaves are hazards to people, pets, structures, roofs and vehicles if they drop, so get rid of them as soon as possible. Dead or heavy branches are serious concerns even more so during the winter months, because when storms roll through they tend to drop buckets of rain and produce violent winds. Other possible concerns include tree branches growing into power lines, and dead trees falling over.

Increases amount of tree crops

Trees that grow fruits or nuts are great sources of food. Did you know that routine pruning also encourages fruit and nut production? With the right trimming, they’ll produce larger harvests and bigger, healthier fruits. There’s also a good chance that pruning will encourage spur growth, which is when food-producing trees grow a lot more of it the next year. This is another benefit of removing any dead branches and trimming back healthy limbs.

For more information about tree pruning in Baton Rouge, contact the team at Allan’s Tree Service. Reach out to us anytime to schedule an appointment!

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