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Trees might seem like they’re pretty maintenance-free, but the truth is that they need care and attention, just like any other plants on your property. Professional care is strongly recommended for trees, both due to safety and expertise reasons. Arborists are skilled experts in working with trees and ensuring their long-term health and care.

Here are just a few reasons you should work with an arborist in Baton Rouge, LA in the coming year:

  • Guaranteed expertise: Any time you work with a certified arborist, you can be completely sure the work they do is backed by extensive training and knowledge. Many homeowners simply do not have the knowledge to maintain their trees and ensure long-term growth and health. Therefore, it’s highly beneficial to have someone who knows what they’re doing handle your trees professionally and correctly.
  • Complete tree care: An arborist is capable of doing just about any type of tree-related task you have for them, including pruning, planting, removing and other general tree care practices. They have been trained in all aspects of tree care, and are also capable of providing you with plenty of professional and practical advice for tree care steps you can take on your own in any situation.
  • Emergency tree care: Trees can be severely damaged during storms and other emergency situations. If a tree falls down on your car or house or takes down power lines, it’s important to work with a skilled arborist who is capable of managing the emergency scenario as safely and efficiently as possible, working with other contractors and professionals (including utility providers) to make sure the site gets cleaned up as soon as possible and is made safe for your use. If it’s just a tree limb or large portion of a tree that comes off, the arborist may be able to save the rest of the tree by removing the affected portion, depending on the extent of the damage.
  • Analysis and diagnosis: If you have any reason to believe your tree is affected by diseases, an arborist will be able to come out, analyze the tree and make the correct diagnosis. They’ll then be able to determine the best course of remedying the issue and even save the tree if possible, depending on the state of the disease. They will also help you manage the trees that are at risk of disease in the future.
  • Regulatory adherence: Arborists are very familiar with the specific regulations about tree removal and planting in specific municipalities, so if you have a trained arborist on the job who is familiar with the rules in the local area, you don’t have to worry about accidentally flouting any regulations in your area regarding tree care.

These are just a few of the biggest reasons why working with an arborist in Baton Rouge, LA is so beneficial for homeowners with trees on their property. For more information about the services we provide, we encourage you to contact the team at Allan’s Tree Service today with your questions.

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