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Whether you have the right tools and want to care for your trees yourself, or you hire a local tree trimmer in Baton Rouge to do the job, it’s good to know why proper pruning is important. Read on for some must-know tree information and the top reasons to keep your trees pruned.

The importance of pruning

The first thing to note is that a tree’s stature and healthy growth depends heavily on regular care, including trimming. To trim or prune a tree in your yard can make all the difference between a tree that’s strong and long-lived and one that’s weak and has a short life. Pruning plays a role in what way a tree grows—how limbs and branches will configure, its structural integrity, etc. Maintenance controls the risk of damage to limbs and falling branches by keeping branches at a safe weight distribution. Pruning also improves the appearance of your trees, which contributes positively to your home’s curb appeal.

Emergency limb removal aside, the best times to prune are in late fall or winter. Trees go dormant during these times of the year, and this dormancy makes them less susceptible to harm during pruning. It’s better to prune trees while they’re dormant to avoid excessive sap loss, as well as to avoid attracting damaging insects and fungus. Since some species of trees require a delicate approach to pruning, your best bet is to call a professional tree trimmer to handle the job.

Why you should prune your trees

Like your hair and your nails, your trees’ limbs and branches grow constantly, and as such also need trimming from time to time. Here are some reasons to keep trees pruned:

  • Helps trees grow: Going back to hair, do you notice that your hair grows faster and healthier when it is trimmed regularly? Tree pruning is very similar in this regard. Leaves, bark, roots, branches and limbs grow stronger so the tree can withstand harsh weather and damage from wildlife.
  • Removes questionable branches: The most obvious reason for tree trimming is to remove hazardous branches. Dead branches can snap off and fall during high winds or heavy precipitation, but limbs that are already broken or compromised can fall at any time. Remove these branches to keep them from falling on homes, vehicles, power lines or people.
  • Treats disease: Trees can get sick, just like people, but a tree cannot tell you it has contracted a disease—you and your trusted tree care professional need to be on the lookout. Pruning may help to treat disease and prevent it from spreading.
  • Encourages fruit production: Do you have fruit trees on your property? If you want to enjoy big fruit, and lots of it, prune your fruit trees! Getting rid of dead limbs promotes tree health, wards off insect infestations and disease and makes room for healthy branches to spread and bud.
  • Boosts aesthetic appeal: Tree trimming and pruning positively affects the appearance of trees. Removing dead sections or unwanted limb growth allows other sections to grow faster, stronger. Trimming shapes trees, which enhances their aesthetic appeal.

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