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When you have a professional tree service come out and cut down trees on your property, you need to also decide if you’re going to have the stumps removed. There will be an extra cost associated with this service, but there are a lot of benefits that come with stump removal and stump grinding in Baton Rouge, LA that you should consider.

Here are just a few examples of the benefits of removing tree stumps from your property:

  • It makes your property safer: Stumps are a natural hazard on your property, especially for children who are running and playing in the grass. They might not be carefully looking at where they’re going, which means they could trip over a stump and hurt themselves. If it’s someone outside of your family who trips, falls and injures themselves, this is a liability that you are responsible for, which could result in legal action. Plus, tree stumps are a safety hazard for lawn mowers that you’ll need to watch out for as well, especially if you use a riding mower.
  • It makes your property more attractive: Stumps just don’t have a lot of aesthetic appeal. If you take a lot of pride in keeping up your yard and your landscaping, then getting rid of the stumps you have on your land is absolutely a worthwhile endeavor.
  • Prevent new tree growth: In some circumstances, leaving a stump in the ground can actually contribute to new tree sprouts in the area. If you do not monitor the area around the stump, this means you could end up with a number of new, small trees growing right around the stump, which can blight your landscaping and also become more difficult to address, as the new shoots might keep coming back. Plus, new trees growing will suck away nutrients from other plants in the area that need those nutrients as well.
  • Prevent pest infestations: If you leave tree stumps in your yard, they will eventually start to rot. During the process of rotting, you can be sure the decaying wood will attract ants, beetles, termites and other pests. While this might not be problematic outside, the more of these pests you have on your property, the more likely it is that they will eventually find their way to your home or to other wooden structures on your property.
  • Take back your yard space: Stumps simply take up usable space in your yard that you can use for your children to run around and play, or for gardening purposes. If you already have a smaller yard to begin with, then it makes sense to get rid of the stump so you can maximize the usable space on your property.

These are just a few of the reasons why you should invest in tree stump removal if you have any existing stumps on your property, or if you’re going to be removing trees. Contact the experts at Allan’s Tree Service today for more information about stump grinding in Baton Rouge, LA.

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