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Too many companies and individuals are willing to go to great lengths to take advantage of people. And all types of scams exist these days—tree service scammers are no exception. Here are five tips to help you avoid a scam when looking for a professional tree service in Baton Rouge:

  • Avoid door knockers: Although not all door-to-door salespeople are selling scams, it’s wise to play it safe with them. These contractors or representatives tend to be frauds or fakes. They will show you flyers, business cards and even a breakdown of service costs while telling you why a certain tree in your front yard needs special care and consideration. Keep in mind that most reputable tree companies get their business through word of mouth or advertisements, not by knocking on doors.
  • Don’t rush after a storm: One of the best times for tree service scammers to go through neighborhoods is soon after a major storm or natural disaster occurs. Hurricanes, tornados, wind storms and other events can take down or severely damage trees, and it’s scenes like these that bring on the scams. Scammers see the results of disasters as opportunities to make easy money, so they head out on foot to knock on doors and use scare tactics to bait homeowners into hiring them.
  • Do your homework: Whether you are considering hiring a door-to-door tree service company or want to find one on your own, do your homework before making a final decision. Research a few companies to ensure they have a stellar reputation and years of tree service experience under their belt. Read customer reviews and check out ratings of the company online. Contact a business and ask for references you can call to verify that they do indeed have a good reputation.
  • Ask about their license and insurance: Never hire a company that does not have the appropriate license or insurance coverage. A tree removal and trimming company can claim to be licensed, but they may not be. A good time to ask to see their license is when they show up to provide an estimate. If you are questioning the validity of the license—or just want to be absolutely sure—you can contact your state’s license board. As for insurance, a reputable tree service will carry an adequate amount of liability and worker’s compensation insurance. Without it, if a worker gets injured (or worse) while on your property, you could be held legally liable.
  • Never pay up front: A reputable professional tree service company will not require payment for services up front. You will get your estimate, make an appointment for service and then pay after the job is compete. Never pay before the work is complete, because a scammer will just take your money and not come back.

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