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Winter is gone and spring is here! The season brings warmer temperatures and longer days, which is the perfect combination to do all that yard work you’ve been putting off since fall. Another great thing about lawn care in the spring is that it usually takes up a lot less of your time than fall lawn care does—especially if you prepared your lawn well at the end of last autumn. If you did prep your lawn in the fall, then there hopefully won’t be too much to do this spring!

Why is spring lawn care so important? Because you want your lawn to have an easy time coming back to life, and for grass and tree root systems to be able to take advantage of the nutritious soil. Below, our professional tree service in Baton Rouge shares our best lawn care tips for spring:

  • Plan fall lawn care: How well your lawn comes back and thrives in the spring depends on how you prepared it last fall. Grass that has been treated properly during the fall season had all winter to germinate and ready itself to grow strong come spring. You will have a bit more work to do during the spring months if you didn’t prep your lawn in the fall.
  • Avoid starting too early: Don’t start yardwork the very moment you can go outside without having to wear a coat. Let your lawn warm up slowly, because working it too much before it’s fully green again can compact the grass, and can even kill new sprouts before they’ve had a chance to grow. What you should do is simple: come spring, wait until your lawn is mostly green, then you can begin aerating and mowing.
  • Use a rake: No leaves need to be present for you to begin raking. In fact, raking the lawn is probably the last thing you did in the yard at the end of last fall. In the springtime, prior to mowing and treating the grass, take the same rake and give your lawn a deep, thorough raking. The teeth on the rake will help to pull up any thatch that may have accumulated over the winter months. Raking puts the “spring” back in the grass and helps locate dead spots and compacted areas that will require your attention. Plan to aerate compacted soil.
  • Test soil acidity and fertilize: You can either do your own soil pH test or hire a professional to do it. The results give insight into the best way to prepare your lawn for summer. This is very useful information, especially since the soil was recently subjected to a wet winter. If you fertilized in the fall, it might not be needed again in the spring. But warm-season grasses may need a fresh layer of fertilizer to get certain nutrients down to the roots.
  • Remove weeds: Apply an herbicide in early spring to prevent weeds from forming. Be careful not to damage new grass growth. If you have weeds, remove them, roots and all.

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