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You work hard to keep your yard looking nice. You mow the grass, trim the bushes, put in new plants to boost curb appeal and rake up leaves and tree debris as needed. But there may be one thing in your yard that stumps you: the care and maintenance of mature trees. Never fear, an arborist is here! Arborists are experts who specialize in the care of individual trees. They possess a host of tree knowledge, are highly trained and have the right equipment to perform proper tree care.

Don’t hire just any arborist, though. You need someone you can trust and work with for a long time. This is the person who will care for your trees, keeping them looking great and ensuring they contribute to your property value in a positive way. Pruning or removing trees can be dangerous without a trained arborist overseeing things. With this in mind, here are the top reasons to hire an arborist in Baton Rouge.

Pruning services

It’s important to use the right type of pruning technique. An arborist can determine this to ensure your tree is maintained well, and stays healthy, looking good and safe. All pruning techniques are intended to remove limbs, for one reason or another. These may include branches that are dead, decaying or pose a safety risk, limbs that interfere with structures or utilities, are diseased or storm damaged or are blocking airflow and sunlight to the inside of a tree. Additionally, pruning maintains the structure and shape of younger trees.

Tree removal services

Since trees are great for the environment, removing one is only recommended in certain cases as a last resort. A certified arborist can tell you whether a tree needs to be removed or simply trimmed. A professional may suggest complete removal for trees that are dead or dying, posing any kind of risk, impossible to prune properly, crowding more desirable trees or in the way of new construction.

Emergency tree care services

Whether a recent storm blew through your area or there was some sort of accident on your property, arborists are most helpful with emergency tree care situations. From branches falling to entire trees toppling over, the common result is often damage to other trees, landscape features, structures, vehicles or other areas of a property. Because trimming or removing large, fallen trees is a different kind of danger, let an arborist help deal with the situation.

Other tree services

Many certified arborists are trained in a variety of other tree care services, such as planting. An arborist can recommend the best species of trees to plant in your yard based on available growing space, wildlife and diseases the trees may be prone to. In addition, they can fertilize and modify the soil around your trees to improve tree health, look at cabling or bracing to support heavy branches, aerate the soil, apply methods for managing certain insect or tree disease problems and so much more.

Take your time when looking for the right arborist. For the best tree care, maintenance and services, contact Allan’s Tree Service. Our experienced arborists in Baton Rouge are ready to offer their assistance!

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