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Flowers are blooming and plants are growing, including your trees! Spring is the perfect time to invest some energy into your lawn and tree maintenance. Caring for your trees can extend their life and allow the vegetation on your property to grow in safe and healthy ways for you to enjoy their shade and the beauty they add to your property. If you’re having issues with the trees on your lawn, you can invest in tree services in Baton Rouge, but there are also plenty of steps you can take to care for your trees yourself:

  • Inspections: Regularly inspecting the trees, shrubs and vegetation on your landscape will help you notice any problems before they become worse or threaten the life of your plants. Spring is the perfect time to perform this inspection, as winter can be hard on plants, even sleeping ones. Melting snow and rain can create standing water and flood damage that drowns plants. Look for signs of damage, pests and disease before deciding whether your trees can be treated or will need to be removed. You may need to contact tree services in Baton Rouge for a professional evaluation.
  • Prune: Pruning dead branches are among the top things you can do to preserve your otherwise healthy trees and extend their lives. Any branches that hang over your roof will need to be removed, as will any dead or diseased branches that can spread the decay to the rest of the tree. Removing branches will also keep the area around the tree safe and protect it from further damage.
  • Mulch: Mulching can have a whole host of benefits for the trees they surround, including the securing of organic matter and plant food beneath the soil surface. Mulch can also control weeds and conserve soil moisture. It’s a great way of creating an environment around your tree for it to best grow and thrive.
  • Fertilize: Spring is the perfect time to give your trees and plants an extra boost. Fertilizing plants, trees and shrubs right as they’re entering their peak growing season will improve their resistance to insects, diseases and weather stressors, as well as replace nutrients and contribute to healthy growth.
  • Plant: Spring is the perfect time to plant new trees. Make sure you consult a professional regarding where it’s okay to plant trees in relation to each other and the foundation of your house. You don’t want to plant trees too close to each other or where roots can come into contact with your foundation. You’ll also want to research your area and climate to learn which trees will thrive in your yard.

If you’re not up for caring for your landscape and trees yourself or need some guidance, we can help. Since 2002, Allan’s Tree Service in Baton Rouge has been the city’s go-to for full-service tree care. We offer tree removal, trimming, pruning, planting, felling, stump grinding, fertilization and more. We can ensure the health and positive growth of your trees by offering virtually any service your trees might need. From routine care to removal, our team of expert arborists can handle any job!

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