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Trees, while beautiful in their own right, also serve many purposes. Most trees are planted to enhance landscapes, to break up yards in their own unique ways. If you have trees in your yard, yours may offer protection from the elements or line your property, giving you privacy from neighbors and passersby. As a homeowner, you care for and maintain your trees, but no amount of maintenance can stop Mother Nature from doing what she’s going to do. Whether a damaging storm bears down on your property or disease strikes a tree in your yard, there may come a time when you have to admit there’s a hazardous tree you need to address.

Do you suspect that a tree in your yard is damaged and in danger of toppling over? Below are six signs it might be time to look into tree removal in Baton Rouge:

  • Leaning trunk: There are two types of leaning trees: either a tree in your yard is tilted naturally because it grew that way, or it’s leaning due to wind or rot damage. A tree that grew at an awkward angle on its own is usually not at risk for falling, while a damaged tree leaning more than 15 degrees should be removed.
  • Cavities or holes in the trunk: Take a look at your trees’ trunks—are there holes or cavities in them? A cavity may form after a tree prunes itself. It will drop a branch as a self-pruning method, but this has the potential to lead to decay inside the tree. The good news is that as long as there is enough structurally sound wood around the cavity, this doesn’t always pose an immediate danger.
  • Dead or hanging branches: A tree that starts dropping pieces of branches or entire branches is trying to tell you it’s experiencing distress. In most cases, a tree drops some of itself because it’s trying to make itself smaller. The smaller the tree, the fewer nutrients it has to find to feed itself. The dangerous thing about dead branches is that they can fall off the tree at any time—even on a calm, sunny day.
  • Missing bark: Spots on trees where bark is missing, indented or gashed out are called cankers. A canker can weaken a tree, making it more likely to break right along that spot. The wood can look okay and breakage can still happen.
  • Root rot: Root rot is not always easy to spot. One sign of rotten roots is mushrooms growing around the base of a tree. Finding fungi growing on the trunk can indicate rot on the inside of the tree.
  • Leaves falling from the outside in: Trees drop leaves in a certain pattern. A tree losing its leaves from the outside in often means something is wrong with the root zone, where the tree gets its water and nutrients. A healthy root system is what holds the tree up and helps it stand strong through stormy weather.

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