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If you have trees on your property, you may think there is nothing regarding maintenance that you need to do to ensure the health of your trees. However, it’s important to perform routine maintenance for your trees in order to make sure they stay healthy and are able to grow without running into diseases or other issues. To diagnose any potential problems, you should hire one of the best arborists in Baton Rouge to come assess your trees. There are many benefits to having a professional come look at and diagnose your trees:

  • Routine assessments: Your tree may be having issues that you can’t see. Before these issues become irreversible problems, you should have one of the best arborists in Baton Rouge come look at your trees and assess their health on a regular basis. This will help catch issues before they create bigger problems. Twice a year is a good timetable for tree assessments. During the winter, arborists can identify weak branches and potential decay, as well as cavities from animals, because the trees are less lush and it’s easier to spot issues. During the summer, professionals can assess the trees’ leaf color and growth for potential signs of disease and decay.
  • Tree health: One of the biggest reasons why having one of the best arborists in Baton Rouge perform routine assessments on your trees is to ensure your trees are healthy and happy. The average homeowner cannot spot potential tree diseases and problems. It takes a professional eye to see insects, diseases and damage that can harm your tree and potentially make it collapse. Professional arborists can quickly identify signs of an infestation and disease and provide instruction for proper treatment to ensure your trees return to health and vitality.
  • Tree safety: Damaged and decaying trees can pose safety hazards, such as falling branches. If trees are diseased or decaying, their branches become weak and can fall, seemingly without warning. Sudden branch drop syndrome can happen on the hottest, stillest days of summer to an otherwise healthy tree, so it’s important to get regular tree assessments to help identify issues that could cause a branch to collapse and ensure dangerous limbs are properly trimmed.
  • Tree appearance: The safety and health of your trees are the top priority of the best arborists in Baton Rouge. However, you may also be concerned with the appearance of your trees and the aesthetics they provide to your property. A properly cared for and looked after tree will look much healthier and more attractive on your property. Insect infestations, bad pruning and diseases can all decrease the attractiveness of a tree. Regular pruning and fertilization and assessments can keep your tree looking great all year long.

Allan’s Tree Service has been Baton Rouge’s full-service tree care provider since 2002. We are among the best arborists in Baton Rouge and provide removal, trimming, pruning, felling, stump grinding, tree cabling, fertilization, assessments and more. Whether or not you’re experiencing problems with your tree, it’s a great idea to get a regular assessment and tend to your tree’s health. Give us a call today!

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