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It might not feel like it just yet, but autumn is right around the corner. With the change in seasons comes quite a bit of yard work that has to be done. Your trees require seasonal upkeep to ensure proper growth and to ward off diseases and pests. Continue reading to learn more about your fall tree checklist:

  • Call for an inspection: First things first, be sure to call professional fall tree care services in Baton Rouge to check up on all your trees. A pro can walk through your yard and tell whether or not your trees have any problems that need to be addressed. We’ll let you know about any diseases that are growing, if you have a pest problem or if limbs need to be removed.
  • Rake: Disease-causing fungi tend to develop under fallen leaves throughout the winter. This obviously becomes a big problem in the spring, when the disease starts spreading from tree to tree. Rake up all of those leaves now and ensure your trees don’t come down with anything.
  • Plant: Fall is a great time to plant some new trees. Lower temperatures mean there’s a lower risk that the young saplings die from sun scorch or drought. Be sure to talk to your tree care professional about planting, as not all trees are suitable for planting during the fall.
  • Fertilize: Trees growing wild in the forest get plenty of nutrients from the ground, but that’s always going to be the case in your backyard. Your trees don’t have that same nutrient-rich soil, so you need to supplement that with fertilizer. The right fertilizer promotes healthy growth while preventing diseases. Call your arborist today to learn which fertilizer you should be using.
  • Mulch: If you thought mulching was just a springtime activity, think again! Laying mulch around your trees’ roots now helps protect them throughout the winter. This is especially important for young trees, as their root systems are much shallower and less developed than older ones.
  • Water: No matter the season, your trees need water to survive. Once or twice a week, turn your hose on to a dribble and soak the roots of your trees for two to three hours. Properly watering like this ensures your roots grow and absorb as many nutrients as possible from the soil.
  • Treat for borers: This is the time of year that borers are looking to make a home in your trees. Prevent that from happening by making your trees unappealing to these pests. Speak to a professional about the best pesticides for your trees.
  • Prune: Dead and dying limbs don’t look good, and they can be a real hazard during a heavy storm. Now is the best time of year to prune all of those barren branches to ensure they don’t come crashing down on your car or house this winter.

Instead of breaking your back and performing all of the yard work mentioned above, just hire the professionals from Allan’s Tree Service. Let us prove to you why we’re one of the top fall tree care services in Baton Rouge. Call today to get a quote or learn more about what we can do for your lawn.

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