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Trees are great additions to almost any yard. When healthy, trees add beauty and value to both your property and your community, but poorly maintained trees do just the opposite. For this reason, it’s best that certain maintenance work be performed by a tree specialist, also known as an arborist. Arborists are skilled in every aspect of caring for trees, including understanding a tree’s needs, providing the right care and boosting tree beauty, health and structure. A certified arborist helps maintain your trees by deploying a variety of services, including pruning, planting, removals, appraisals and more.

Here are some important reasons why you should hire an arborist from a professional tree service company in Baton Rouge to care for your yard.

Precise pruning

Pruning is the part of tree maintenance that improves their appearance, health and safety. This type of maintenance is beneficial for most tree species, from training young trees to grow strong to removing damaged, diseased or weak limbs to creating a nicer shape. Pruning is also necessary to allow light and proper airflow through canopies and reduce weight at the ends of thick branches. If you know what you’re doing, you may be able to do some light pruning yourself. However, if you doubt your pruning abilities or have particularly tall trees, call a tree expert.

Proper planting

Planting a vegetable garden is easy. Planting trees takes a bit more planning and research. The growing space is important, because the wrong tree in the wrong spot is likely going to cause future problems, be it a space issue, poor growth, disease or pest infestation. An arborist can recommend the best trees for your yard as well as the right placement, as well as tell you how to properly plant them or do it for you. It’s highly recommended that you hire an arborist with special equipment and skills to plant large or mature trees.

Safe tree removal

Ideally, you shouldn’t remove a tree unless it’s absolutely necessary. Circumstances like dead trees, unstable trees and trees that are dangerously close to structures or utility lines may warrant removal, whereas simply not liking a tree makes removing it a low priority. A trained arborist can evaluate trees to determine whether removal is the right thing to do.

Emergency tree services

When a natural disaster hits, tree limbs or entire trees go down. Downed trees can crash onto homes, buildings, vehicles, people, power lines and other trees, causing dangerous situations and great damage in the process. In many cases, homeowners call arborists to come safely remove or cut up downed trees.

Preventative care and maintenance

Regular care and maintenance offer better assurance that your tree’s structure is sound and in good overall health. Proper care takes stress off trees from canopy to roots, and helps give trees the strength to defend themselves against the elements, disease, pests and other common problems. Things arborists do for your trees might range from conducting health and safety assessments to bracing trunks, aerating root areas and fertilizing.

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