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Fall is when some trees lose their leaves and become dormant, but this doesn’t mean it’s okay to ignore proper tree care. Fall tree care really is that important. The summer heat undoubtedly put stress on your backyard trees, wearing them down and making them more susceptible to disease and pest infestation. By performing some fall tree maintenance, you’re helping your trees recover from the hot conditions so they can continue to thrive into winter. Their long-term health and structural stability depends on it.

All that’s needed to help your trees stay healthy through the cool months is some fall prepping and a little TLC. Below is a list of professional tree care tips in Baton Rouge that you can use to ensure proper tree maintenance this fall:

  • Get mulching: Trees need mulch to stay happy and healthy, which is why you should apply mulch a couple times a year. By placing a layer of fresh mulch around the base of your trees—but not pushed up against the trunk—you’re helping the surrounding soil retain moisture. Moisture retention ensures that tree roots are able to get the hydration and nutrients they need to thrive.
  • Water well: Don’t let bare trees convince you they aren’t thirsty. Even though some trees go dormant in the fall and winter, they still need water, albeit not as much as during the hot summer months. Regular watering sessions throughout the drier parts of the fall season encourage strong root growth and healthy bark and limbs. Continue checking the water depth all year—aerate the soil around the tree to allow for more efficient water absorption.
  • Fertilize away: Fertilize your trees in fall, but don’t go crazy, because over-fertilizing risks hurting the entire tree. Fertilizer provides the essential nutrients trees need to be healthy. However, it’s important to choose the right fertilizer for your trees. Before buying a fertilizer, test the soil’s pH level so you know which way you need to adjust its acidity.
  • Prepare the soil: Soil compaction is a common problem caused by fall weather. Since compaction makes it hard for water and nutrients to reach tree roots, come fall, you should prepare the ground by using an aerating tool to break up hard areas. Your trees’ roots will breathe better after you aerate the soil around them.
  • Prune with care: Take care when pruning trees during the fall months. It may seem like the cooler temperatures and the leaves falling off trees makes fall prime time for pruning, but it can be risky. This could shock your trees and stall their growth, and potentially even kill them.
  • Hire a tree pro: Don’t hesitate to hire someone every fall to evaluate or perform important maintenance on your trees. Certified arborists and skilled tree pros live to help all types of trees.

Between these professional tree care tips in Baton Rouge and some assistance from Allan’s Tree Service in Baton Rouge, your trees will be beautiful and healthy all season long. Call us today to schedule a tree service appointment!

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