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While they’re great for the environment, curb appeal and property value, trees do require seasonal care and maintenance, be it pruning or watering. There are also times when the right thing to do is remove a tree. If there’s a tree in your yard that’s dead or diseased, winter is the time to remove it. You might be wondering why winter is a good time to remove problem trees. The top reason is that you don’t want it falling down on its own during a winter storm and damaging your property. You could end up with a costly situation on your hands!

Below are several other reasons why winter tree removal in Baton Rouge is a good idea:

  • Fewer people outside: Some trees stand in the middle of wide-open spaces, while others sit close to homes, other structures or roadways. If you notice that a tree needs to be removed in the wintertime, you should seriously consider removing it as soon as possible. There are fewer people outside during the cold winter months, which makes the removal process less stressful for property owners.
  • No (or little) foliage: Late fall into early winter is when the majority of leaves drop from branches. A lack of foliage on trees makes it easier for homeowners to see what branches need to be trimmed or removed. Also, arborists have a clearer view of the trunk all the way up to the top of the tree. They are better able to assess the tree marked for removal. Another benefit of wintertime tree removal is that there’s less mess to clean up—fewer leaves, especially, as most of them have been gone since fall.
  • Reduce damage done by branches: Whether an entire tree needs to go or just a portion of it for safety’s sake, dealing with it in winter can reduce the risk of damage done by overhanging branches and falling trees.
  • Less impact on landscaping: Taking out a tree can harm nearby landscaping, including bushes, flowers and other trees. When the job is in winter, plants are either dormant or not at full growth, so the impact on your garden and lawn is minimized. Come spring, grass and plants will grow back, and the problem tree will be gone for good.
  • More flexible service schedule: Although trees can need professional pruning, repairs to damaged parts, bracing and fertilizing year-round, winter is a less busy time for tree service companies. This means more calendar openings may be available for your tree removal needs.
  • Safer for large machinery: The ground is harder during the winter season, which makes it easier for big tree service equipment to access the tree in question—that is, unless the ground is covered in snow or water puddles. Even though you will probably have to wait for the ground to soften up to remove the remaining stump, at least the rest of the dead tree won’t be around to fall over.

Allan’s Tree Service provides safe winter tree removal to residents of the Baton Rouge area. Call us for more information or to schedule tree service this winter!

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