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With spring weather rapidly approaching, it’s almost time for the trees in your yard to bloom into a broad symphony of color. Before that exciting day arrives, however, conscientious homeowners will want to have a professional look at the trees on their property. Of course, before you entrust the health of your trees to anyone, you’ll undoubtedly want to make sure that you’re hiring Baton Rouge’s best tree service.

Here are some tips to guide you in the right direction.

It pays to go local

Don’t put your money in the hands of a national chain. Make sure you’re investing in a local company. This decision is about more than just boosting your local economy. When you choose a smaller, locally-owned company, you’re choosing a team that brings a number of great benefits to the table.

They’ll know the local tree variety better than a national chain. A local business owner will remain motivated to keep your business, as well. Even better, a smaller firm will stay attentive and personable.

Don’t get bashful

When you begin shopping around for a tree service, don’t hesitate to ask questions. An accomplished tree service will not only be able to answer your questions, but they’ll also be happy to answer them. During your first meeting with a tree service, their rep should be able to give you a good idea of what kinds of trees are on your property, what (if anything) is wrong with them and what your plan of attack should be moving forward.

Ask around

When you’re shopping for Baton Rouge’s best tree service, it pays to ask your friends and neighbors for their opinions. A strong recommendation from someone you trust is never a bad thing. If you’re new to the area, then be absolutely sure to double-check the references of any tree service you intend to hire.

Any company that’s not willing to provide you with the contact info of a long list of satisfied customers is probably not worth inviting onto your property.

A team with tools

Before a pro starts working on your trees, make sure that they’re equipped with all the gear they’ll need. This goes beyond a chainsaw or a ladder. A professional tree service should have the full array of safety gear—eye protection, gloves, harnesses for working in high places, etc.—in addition to the tools they’ll need to complete the work.

Safety certifications

Any kind of contractor that walks onto your property should have insurance that protects their employees and your safety while they are working on-site. That way, in the event of an accident involving anyone on the property, you won’t be expected to cover any unexpected costs.

A tree service should have insurance that extends to potential damage caused by a falling branch, as well.

Skip the search

For nearly two full decades, the team at Allan’s Tree Service has worked to establish itself as Baton Rouge’s best tree service. After 18 years of various jobs and a huge list of satisfied customers, we think we’ve hit the mark. Visit us online or give us a call today—you won’t regret it!

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