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There is no end to the benefits afforded by your property’s trees. A collection of mature trees scattered across your land can increase your property value by up to 20 percent. Not only that, but some studies suggest that having trees on your property can improve your physical health, reduce your anxiety and even help you get to know your neighbors a little bit better.

To keep your trees looking their best, you have to know how best to take care of them. Knowing when to place a call to a qualified local tree service in Baton Rouge, LA, for example, is a matter of precision.

What happens if I trim my trees out of season?

In general, trimming your trees when they’re about to enter dormancy in the fall is the absolute worst time of year to do this. First of all, because your tree is in the process of shutting down for the season, it can be harder to identify dead branches and limbs. Second, making cuts to your tree at this point in the year—when fewer healthy nutrients are flowing through it—can make it harder and harder to heal. As a result, cuts take longer to mend.

Finally, removing problem areas could inadvertently spread the disease to other trees on your property if you trim or remove a tree that contains a virus, creating a more significant issue than previously existed.

So, when is the best time to trim my trees?

It probably comes as no surprise that the perfect time to enlist a local tree service in Baton Rouge, LA to trim your trees varies depending on the species in your yard. The general rule of thumb is simple, however: trim your trees before they begin to flower in the spring or summer.

Just before the trees fill with color and begin to blossom, their weak spots are easier to identify. That allows arborists to take note of trouble spots before they take over the tree and spread to others in your yard.

Call in a pro

If you don’t have prior experience working with trees, the best solution is to call in a professional tree trimmer. A pro has the skill to correctly prune your trees even if you’ve called them in a little bit late. What’s more, a pro can determine if your tree’s bare bark could indicate signs of something more threatening.

The best tree service

When the time comes to trim your tree branches, make sure you’re getting the best local tree service in Baton Rouge, LA. That means placing a call to Allan’s Tree Service. Since we opened our doors in 2002, our highly-skilled team of professional arborists has worked tirelessly to beautify our community through the expert care of our gorgeous local trees.

Because we’re a family owned and operated company, you can trust that we understand the value of affordable service you can rely on. You deserve the best service in the community—call us today to schedule an appointment!

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