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The sun is shining, and the temperatures are soaring. Summertime has arrived at last! Your lawn and plants are thriving, and your trees are beginning to bloom. A lot of homeowners see this sudden explosion of growth and mistakenly operate under the assumption that all they need to do during the summer months is mow and water. If you’re focusing solely on your grass, however, you could be doing your valued trees a grave disservice.

The best tree service companies in Baton Rouge, LA can provide a wide range of services that will improve your trees’ quality of life.

Regular inspections

Don’t put the entire weight of your trees’ health on your own shoulders. A professional arborist can bring an expansive body of knowledge to the table. A skilled pro can spot diseases or pest infestations before they pose a more serious threat. Scheduling routine inspections can save you a lot of trouble in the long run, even as it keeps your trees looking gorgeous.

Mulching and fertilization

When your trees begin to grow, they need as much help as they can get. When you supply your trees with the one-two punch of mulching and fertilization, you’re doing them several favors. Mulching and fertilization:

  • Cuts down on weed growth
  • Keeps your soil moist
  • Provides nutrients
  • Acts as the first line of defense against pests

The best tree service companies in Baton Rouge, LA can provide you with mulch and fertilizer that is customized to meet your property’s specific needs.

Expert pruning

There’s never a bad time of year to have an expert look at your trees. You might have heard that pruning is best left for a time when the tree is dormant. There are exceptions, like dead or damaged branches, for example, where the precise touch of a talented arborist can mean the difference between life and death for your trees.

Prep for storm season

Anyone who calls Baton Rouge home understands that the summer months bring with them thunderstorms. If your trees aren’t prepared for the onslaught, you could face potentially hazardous issues. Dead or diseased trees or limbs could fall during the worst of the storm, exposing your home and family to real dangers. A talented tree expert could help identify potential problem areas and then remove them before they cause a serious issue.

Keep your trees looking great

At Allan’s Tree Service, we’re proud to count ourselves among the best tree service companies in Baton Rouge, LA. No matter what time of year you need our help, we’re ready to provide expert care at a price that you’ll absolutely love. We do it all—tree removal, lot clearing, stump grinding, tree and shrub pruning, cabling, bracing, planting and so much more!

We want to help your property look great and keep looking great for years to come. That’s the promise we made when we opened our doors in 2002, and it’s the same promise we continue today. When you get help from Allan’s Tree Service, you’re getting more than excellent service. You’re getting a longtime partner who will keep your trees happy and healthy. Call today to schedule your appointment!

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