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All trees can be harmed by wind, but young trees are especially prone to wind damage. It’s hard for trees to recover when the wind pushes them to one side, or topples them completely. If you don’t want to lose your trees to Louisiana storms, you’ll need to take some extra care to keep them safe. Here’s how to protect your young trees from wind damage in Baton Rouge:

  • Make sure you pick the right location to plant: When you pick a location for your new tree, look for a spot that will provide the most protection from wind. Think about which direction the wind usually comes from. For example, if you’re used to storms blowing up from the south, you might want to plant your trees on the north side of your home. That way, the building will serve to block some of the wind while the sapling gains strength and develops stronger roots. This also reduces the likelihood of the tree crashing into your home in a strong storm.
  • Water regularly: Watering your tree regularly will help it grow properly. Your tree will develop a deep root system that will anchor the tree to the ground even when it’s stormy outside. When your trees aren’t properly watered, they’ll dry out. Branches will die, and eventually break off. Depending on the size of your tree, this can harm pets and people. It may also lead to car and property damage, especially in high winds.
  • Stake the trees: New trees are still struggling to anchor themselves in the earth. One way to ensure that the tree doesn’t topple over in a storm is to stake the tree. For maximum stability, use three wood or metal stakes. Choose a strong fabric or rope that will stretch slightly, and leave a little slack in the line. This will let your tree sway naturally in the wind, while keeping it from falling over. Staking your tree helps it develop a root system and grow a strong, stable trunk. Combined with regular watering and a good location, it will also develop strong branches that can work with the wind, not against it.
  • Use a cover: Finally, using a covering will help keep your tree stable in the wind. Covers are often used to protect trees from frost, but they will also help protect the branches from wind and pests. Use a large cover that goes over the top of the tree, then bind or tape it around the trunk. Once the storm is over, remove the cover so the tree can get adequate sunlight and oxygen.

Taking care of your saplings is a simple but important process. The better you can anchor and protect your trees from wind damage in Baton Rouge, the more likely they will be to grow healthy, strong and stable.

Allan’s Tree Service can help you with tree maintenance, trimming and removal. Our goal is to help your trees grow and stay healthy no matter what the weather might present. Call today to get started.

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