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Louisiana is lucky to have a bounty of beautiful trees. Whether they’re providing shade on a hot summer day or exploding into color when the fall weather sets in, our trees are perfect. Unfortunately, most years, the state of Louisiana is inevitably assailed by powerful storms. The winds and rains that accompany the arrival of a hurricane or tropical storm can do severe damage to your beloved trees. That’s when you’ll be forced to make a tough decision as a homeowner: Should you think about repairing or completely removing dangerous trees in Baton Rouge, LA?

Here’s how to tell if your storm-damaged tree is still okay or if it’s time to call a tree removal service.

Treat minor damage

If you walk around your tree and notice that only a handful of branches were damaged or that some of the bark was torn away by high winds, then the odds are that it’s still in fine condition. Contact a tree trimming service to trim away the broken or damaged branches and find some way to cover the tree’s exposed flesh before the coldest days of winter knock on your front door.

How bad is it?

Is one or more of the tree’s major limbs damaged? If the tree is strong enough, and the damage stops at the loss of one major limb and less than 50 percent of the tree’s crown, you may be best served by waiting it out to see if the tree can withstand the damage.

On the other hand, if most of the tree’s crown is missing or several major limbs are seriously damaged, removing the dangerous trees might be your only option. It’s best to contact a tree removal service and have them inspect the extent of the damage to be sure one way or another.

Is the tree at home?

This might sound like an abstract question, but you should ask about how the tree’s overall health and fit for the environment work when you’re considering tree removal. For example, if the species of tree is native to the area, it might stand a better chance of weathering storm damage. If it’s old enough and located in an advantageous spot on your property, that increases the odds, as well. Non-native trees might need to be removed to prevent further damage.

Don’t DIY tree removal

If you’ve determined that your tree is damaged beyond repair, or if you’re on the fence with your decision, call in a professional. Removing a tree and grinding the stump down aren’t things you should tackle on your own. These processes require a specialized set of tools and a particular skillset to get the job done safely.

Turn to Allan’s Tree Service

If you need help removing dangerous trees in Baton Rouge, LA, Allan’s Tree Service will ensure everything goes off without a hitch. Even better, you might discover that our expert arborists can revive a tree you thought was on shaky ground.

Since 2002, our family-owned and -operated company has offered an enormous array of tree care services, from trimming to removal and everything in between. Give us a call today!

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