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Taking down a tree in your yard is already a big job, but getting rid of the stump is often another project entirely. Perhaps you moved into a new home years ago that already had stumps here and there and have always wanted to deal with them somehow. Maybe you just had some trees removed and are wondering what to do about the stumps. No matter the reason, local stump removal services in Baton Rouge can help you get rid of these bothersome interruptions. Leaving a stump in the ground might not seem like a big deal, but there’s actually several important reasons to act quickly to get rid of it.

Pest problems

Tree stumps do eventually decompose on their own if they’re just left alone, so letting nature take its course is certainly an option. However, you might be opening yourself to a whole host of pest problems if you go this route. A decaying stump is seen as a tasty treat and a useful home for critters like termites and carpenter ants. While this might not seem like a big deal, they’ll eventually start looking for greener pastures in the immediate vicinity. Unfortunately, this can include your shed, your garage or even your home. It’s best to use local stump removal services in Baton Rouge to get rid of something that presents a golden opportunity for pests.

Affecting future plans

A tree stump can be an obstruction in more ways than one. For starters, it can affect how you mow your lawn, and it can even cause serious damage to the mower if you’re forgetful and accidentally run over the stump. Beyond that, stumps can affect your future landscaping plans. It’s impossible to plant something new so long as a stump is in the way. For example, if you’ve taken down a rotted fruit tree and want to put up a new one in its place, the old stump needs to be taken care of first.

How to get rid of a stump

Local stump removal services in Baton Rouge will typically pull the stump out of the ground, or they’ll simply use heavy machinery to grind it up in its place. Stump removal is more intrusive—it requires a lot of digging, because the roots need to be attacked and taken out as well. This can lead to a large hole that can be an eyesore unless it’s addressed.

Stump grinding is simpler—it just involves shredding the stump all the way down into woodchips and sawdust. This has the added benefit of giving you some free mulch to work with around the yard. However, this process still leaves behind the roots, and they can take up to a decade to fully decompose.

Allan’s Tree Service offers both of these stump removal options to home and business owners, and we can work with you to decide which route you want to take. Getting rid of that bothersome stump means you’ll have a more attractive yard that gives you more planting options. Give us a call today to schedule your stump removal appointment!

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