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With springtime on the horizon, now’s a good time to start planning out all of your spring lawn care to ensure your property looks its best. But should tree trimming in Baton Rouge be on your to-do list? The answer to this question varies from property to property. This post will cover everything you need to know about trimming and caring for your trees this season.

If there are safety concerns

Branches and trees often get damaged during the winter months, and then pose the threat of suddenly toppling over. If any of your trees are damaged or decaying and look like they could come crashing down, hire an arborist to trim them. Trimming now could prevent a ton of property damage and mitigate the risk of serious injury.

If it’s of a particular species

Sap-bearing trees like birch, maple and walnut should be trimmed in the late spring or early summer. Pruning them too early on could be a messy endeavor due to all of the excess sap. Flowering trees like magnolia, lilac, dogwood and plum should be trimmed after they’ve bloomed each spring.

If trimming needs are minimal

It’s important to note that spring tree trimming in Baton Rouge can limit a tree’s potential to bloom and leave it susceptible to diseases or insect infestations. For that reason, you never want to trim too much or prune certain species. We always recommend leaving trimming to the pros, as they know just how much to take off and which trees should be left alone until the fall.

Other tree care steps

Trimming isn’t the only aspect of spring tree care in Baton Rouge. Be sure you’re taking these other steps to ensure your trees are in tip-top shape:

  • Rake: Your first step should be raking up all of the fallen leaves, twigs and other debris from the area surrounding your trees. This will make your property look better and foster more growth throughout the year.
  • Mulch: Now that the area around the tree is clear, lay three to four inches of mulch around the trunk. A nice layer of mulch allows your tree to retain more water and prevents weeds from growing up around the trunk.
  • Fertilize: Applying fertilizer now helps your trees fight off pests and diseases while ensuring a full bloom once the time comes. Again, your arborist will know the perfect type of fertilizer to use for the tree’s species and age.
  • Water: Your trees’ watering needs vary depending on the age and species of the tree. Your tree care professional will know just how much water to give each tree and where it needs to be watered.

Hire Allan’s Tree Service today!

Instead of performing all of this yard work by yourself, just call our pros at Allan’s Tree Service. From tree trimming to fertilizing, we’re experts when it comes to spring tree care in Baton Rouge. Give us a call today to set up an appointment with one of our pros—we look forward to working with you!

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