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Because it helps protect the tree from pests and diseases and fosters year-round growth, fertilizing is one of the key elements of basic tree care. Although we always recommend hiring a professional for tree fertilization in Baton Rouge, we believe it’s important that our customers understand the techniques we use to fertilize their trees.

This post will cover the most basic techniques and teach you a little bit more about fertilizing:

  • Surface application: The most convenient way to lay fertilizer is with the surface application method. All you need to do is use a spreader to apply granular fertilizer directly on top of the soil. This process works for any tree you have on your property.
  • Sub-surface application: If a tree is surrounded by turf grass or other vegetation that robs nutrients from the trees’ roots, the surface application method isn’t your best bet. Instead, professionals will use an injector to fertilize the roots directly.
  • Foliar application: This process involves spraying the tree itself with fertilizer instead of laying it on the ground or injecting it into the roots. This type of tree fertilization in Baton Rouge is a short-term solution to correct minor nutrient deficiencies and is best performed in the spring.

When should I fertilize?

It’s recommended that saplings should be fertilized from spring through autumn when the temperatures start to drop. This fertilizing schedule allows the roots to absorb more nutrients from the soil and grow healthier roots, but you need to be careful about the types of fertilizer you’re applying. Some fertilizers can do more harm than good if they’re used on the wrong tree.

How much fertilizer should I use?

The tree’s age, soil type and soil pH level all affect the amount of fertilizer that should be used. Since it’s an exact science, bringing someone in for professional tree fertilization in Baton Rouge is always a good idea. If you decide to do it yourself, monitor the tree’s health and adjust the fertilizer level based on its appearance.

Hire a professional to handle your fertilizing

As mentioned above, we always think it’s best to hire an expert to tackle tree fertilization. Here are a few benefits of bringing in a pro:

  • Save time: Fertilizing isn’t necessarily the most time-consuming task, especially if you’re just using the surface application method. However, you’ve certainly got better things to do with your day than fertilize your trees! Hire a professional to fertilize and spend your day doing other things around your house.
  • Guaranteed results: The last thing you want is to over-fertilize or use the wrong fertilizer and actually harm your tree. Bring in a pro to ensure that doesn’t happen. Experienced professionals will know the perfect fertilizer to use and the right amount to use to keep your trees healthy and strong.

Springtime will be here before we know it, so now’s the best time to set up an appointment with our team at Allan’s Tree Service for professional tree fertilization in Baton Rouge. Give us a call today to schedule an inspection or to learn more about all of our services.

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