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If you have dead or diseased trees in your yard, it’s smart to remove them as soon as possible. Cutting down and hauling away trees is the easy part—it’s stump removal that presents a problem in Baton Rouge, LA. After all, the older a tree is, the more opportunity its roots have had to spread out underground. This can make for quite a challenge. However, there are plenty of different methods to solve the problem. Your arborist will be able to recommend the right stump removal solution for your needs.

Why do I need to remove a tree stump?

When you think of tree removal, you’re probably imagining the entire thing being removed—most folks want the stump gone, too. First and foremost, they’re not pretty to look at. If the tree was a large one, the stump probably takes up a significant portion of your green space.

They can also make mowing your lawn more difficult than it needs to be. It’s one thing to mow around standing trees, but why would you take that much care when it comes to a stump? Most home and business owners would prefer to have the biggest, most open yards possible. That goes double if you have children, or want to install a feature like a pool. Stumps get in the way, and may be a hazard to kids. If the grass grows up around them, you can easily trip or stub a toe on the hidden stumps.

Finally, stumps slowly decay. Why would you want a piece of rotting wood in your yard? They can attract critters—including termites—which may cause more problems than you bargained for.

Different ways to remove a stump

There are several methods of removing a stump. Which one will work best depends a lot on your situation:

  • Stump grinding: Stump grinding is by far the easiest way to get rid of a stump. Your arborist will bring a small stump grinding machine to your yard. Tough metal teeth attack the wood until it’s ground up into wood chips—perfect for mulching the rest of your yard.
  • Tree killer: You can also get rid of tree stumps by chemical means. Some people cut off as much of the stump as possible with a chainsaw, then drill holes into the stump. They fill the holes with potassium nitrate and water, then wait for the stump to become spongy. Some people break it up with an axe at this point, or soak it in kerosene and set it on fire. (We absolutely do not recommend this.)
  • By hand: If you don’t mind manual labor, you can remove a stump by digging around it until the roots are exposed, then pushing it until it’s completely uprooted. In stubborn cases, you’ll probably need a four-wheel-drive vehicle to drag the stump out of the ground.

Ultimately, it’s easier for most people to call their arborist for stump removal in Baton Rouge, LA. Allan’s Tree Service can provide stump grinding services to save you the trouble. Call us today to get started.

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