Important Questions to Ask When Seeking a New Tree Care Service

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Hiring a tree care professional to do work for you is like hiring any other contractor or professional: you want to make sure they know exactly what they’re doing and that they’re going to deliver value to you. But while it might be easy to vet someone like a plumber or electrician, it’s not always so simple to vet someone performing tree maintenance in southern Louisiana. How do you know you’re getting honest work from a qualified professional? You don’t have to be a tree care expert yourself to make sure you’re getting your money’s worth. All it takes are... View Article

Signs You Might Need to Fertilize More Often

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Fertilizers contain all of the nutrients your foliage craves, but might not be able to get from the general environment around it. Fertilizing regularly allows you to supply these compounds to your trees and grass to help boost growth and sustainable health. It’s a quick, easy and cost-effective way to keep your entire landscape looking great at all times. But how do you know if your lawn needs extra nutrients or you’re in need of tree fertilization in southern Louisiana? Aside from a general downtrodden look, there are actually ways to identify what nutrients your plants aren’t getting. It’s how... View Article

Signs You Need Dangerous Tree Removal

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Homeowners and business owners spend thousands of dollars each year repairing property and vehicles, or paying medical bills, due to damage and injury caused by falling trees. Large trees and tree branches can cause massive damage to structures, cars and people if they aren’t properly taken care of. In order to prevent damage caused by falling trees, it’s important to be proactive about identifying and removing hazardous trees on your property. Whether the tree is very old, has a disease or was damaged by a storm, you should be aware of the signs and call for dangerous tree removal if... View Article

What You Need to Know About Winter Tree Maintenance

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Winter is often assumed to be an “off period” for arborists and tree care professionals because plants and trees are not thriving. However, winter brings its own challenges to your tree’s health, even while it’s dormant, and for this reason it’s actually a great time to conduct tree maintenance. There are some things you can do yourself to protect your trees during winter, and others that may require the help of an experienced tree professional. Use these tips this winter to help your trees avoid damage and foster healthy and robust growth in the spring! Tips for winter tree maintenance... View Article

How Lot Clearing in Louisiana Can Benefit You

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Purchasing land is one of the wisest investments you can make. Whether you are building your dream home or cultivating a plot for agriculture, there are many great benefits to having a quality piece of land. In order to get the most out of your land, it’s important that you care for your plot and take all of the necessary maintenance steps. Oftentimes, unwanted vegetation can overrun a plot of land and reduce the quality of the soil, make the land difficult to work and reduce its appeal among potential buyers or developers. Lot clearing in Louisiana—the process of removing... View Article