Tips for Finding the Best Tree Service Company in Baton Rouge and Avoiding Scams

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Hiring a tree service company is essential if you want to ensure all of your trees are as healthy as can be, and to make sure that your lawn looks its best. Unfortunately, all tree services aren’t created equal. There are some less-than-reputable companies out there that scam customers by overcharging, underperforming or both. The good news is that picking out the right tree service is easier than you might think. Continue reading to learn how you can find the best tree service company in Baton Rouge. Check their insurance Proof of insurance is one of the first things you... View Article

Professional Tree Care Tips for the Upcoming Fall Season

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It might not feel like it just yet, but autumn is right around the corner. With the change in seasons comes quite a bit of yard work that has to be done. Your trees require seasonal upkeep to ensure proper growth and to ward off diseases and pests. Continue reading to learn more about your fall tree checklist: Call for an inspection: First things first, be sure to call professional fall tree care services in Baton Rouge to check up on all your trees. A pro can walk through your yard and tell whether or not your trees have any... View Article

Why It’s So Important to Get Any Deadwood Removed from Your Trees

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If you have trees on your land or around your home, you probably enjoy the shade they provide, as well as the aesthetics they contribute to your property. In order to keep your trees healthy and looking great all year long, it’s important to employ professional tree care in Baton Rouge. Arborists can help assess for disease and insect infestations and provide proper tree care guidance, including fertilization and proper pruning. It’s especially important to have deadwood removed from trees on a regular basis. Read on to learn more about why this is the case. Why deadwood happens to trees... View Article

Important Reasons to Have a Professional Come Out to Assess Your Trees

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If you have trees on your property, you may think there is nothing regarding maintenance that you need to do to ensure the health of your trees. However, it’s important to perform routine maintenance for your trees in order to make sure they stay healthy and are able to grow without running into diseases or other issues. To diagnose any potential problems, you should hire one of the best arborists in Baton Rouge to come assess your trees. There are many benefits to having a professional come look at and diagnose your trees: Routine assessments: Your tree may be having... View Article

Tips for Summer Tree Care in Baton Rouge

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Spring and summer may be the growing seasons for trees, but the summer months can get to be a bit rough on them, especially in periods where there is little or no rainfall. You also need to consider potential exposure to pests and other issues that could result in tree damage. With this in mind, here are some tips for summer tree care in Baton Rouge that will help you keep your trees healthy all year long and encourage a long lifespan. Watering Whenever you’re dealing with a drought, it’s important to water your trees regularly. A good general rule... View Article