Can You Save Your Storm-Damaged Trees? Here’s How to Tell

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Louisiana is lucky to have a bounty of beautiful trees. Whether they’re providing shade on a hot summer day or exploding into color when the fall weather sets in, our trees are perfect. Unfortunately, most years, the state of Louisiana is inevitably assailed by powerful storms. The winds and rains that accompany the arrival of a hurricane or tropical storm can do severe damage to your beloved trees. That’s when you’ll be forced to make a tough decision as a homeowner: Should you think about repairing or completely removing dangerous trees in Baton Rouge, LA? Here’s how to tell if... View Article

The Complete Tree Maintenance Guide for Fall

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Fall is, hands down, one of the best times of year to be a proud Louisianan. The trees are transitioning into their annual array of splendid fall colors in preparation for another one-of-a-kind Louisiana winter. But just because spring and summer are over doesn’t mean your duty to the trees on your property is! Here’s a checklist of tree maintenance chores you should consider carrying out before the winter arrives, courtesy of the best local tree service in Baton Rouge, LA. Think about planting more trees Because Louisiana winters tend to be mild, the best time to plant new trees... View Article

How to Protect a Young Tree from Wind Damage

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All trees can be harmed by wind, but young trees are especially prone to wind damage. It’s hard for trees to recover when the wind pushes them to one side, or topples them completely. If you don’t want to lose your trees to Louisiana storms, you’ll need to take some extra care to keep them safe. Here’s how to protect your young trees from wind damage in Baton Rouge: Make sure you pick the right location to plant: When you pick a location for your new tree, look for a spot that will provide the most protection from wind. Think... View Article

Can I Save My Tree?

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Finding out that you have a sick or dying tree is disappointing, to say the least—trees add a lot of character, shade and shelter to our yards. They’re a valuable part of the ecosystem, as well as an aesthetic feature. However, dying trees are dangerous—branches can fall and injure people, animals and property. When your trees are dying, you might wonder if they can possibly be saved. Read on to learn about spotting and caring for a sick tree in Baton Rouge: Few healthy leaves: Unless it’s autumn, your tree probably shouldn’t have a lot of dead, brown leaves. If... View Article

The Most Common Risks of Tree Removal

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All types of tree care involve some inherent hazards, but removing entire trees is a particularly dangerous job. It involves getting up to significant heights, using advanced cutting techniques and potentially dangerous tools, and also making sure you have a basic understanding of physics. The risks inherent with tree removal make it important that you bring in a professional tree service to handle the job. Here are just a few examples of some of the risks most commonly associated with hazardous tree removal in Baton Rouge: Dead or dying trees: If you’re removing a dead or dying tree, there’s a... View Article