September Checklist for Tree and Garden Care in Louisiana

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While there’s still a little bit of time left in the gardening season, it is at least time to begin thinking about preparing for fall and the cooler weather to come. There are a lot of tasks you can perform in September to maintain your garden while also preparing yourself for the inevitable arrival of shorter days and chilly temperatures. With this in mind, we want to provide a September tree and lawn maintenance guide for our Baton Rouge clients. Here are just a few examples of some of the steps you should take in September to end the season... View Article

Important Reasons to Prune Your Trees During the Summer

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More often than not, arborists will recommend that you have your trees pruned during the late fall and early winter. The reason for this is that your tree is entering (or has entered) its dormant state, which makes it easier for a professional to identify trouble spots or potential diseases. While winter is the typical time of year for tree pruning, it’s not the only time of year to call in a professional for this service. There are enormous benefits of tree pruning in summer in Baton Rouge, LA. Here are some of the most common. Shape your trees If... View Article

Pro Tips: Louisiana Arborists’ Summer Tree Care Guide

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As a homeowner, you might operate under the assumption that your trees are best served by having a pro check them out in the spring as they start to grow and in the late fall as they prepare to enter dormancy. Making sure you’re crossing the t’s and dotting the i’s during those months is critical, but that doesn’t mean you should neglect your lawn and trees during the hottest and driest months of the year. To keep your lawn looking its best, here are some tips from the best tree service in Baton Rouge, LA. Reach out today to... View Article

Save Unstable Trees with Cabling and Bracing

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Have you noticed that one of the trees on your property is beginning to lean dangerously? Perhaps the trunk is growing at a strange angle, or some of the limbs have started to droop precariously. Regardless, if you think one or more of the trees on your property looks unstable, then it probably is. Fortunately, you don’t have to let your beloved trees continue to grow into an unbalanced mess. Tree cabling and bracing can come to the rescue. If your trunk is beginning to lean precariously, an expert can use steel cables to relieve stress on the weakest parts... View Article

Professional Tree Care Tips for Summer

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The sun is shining, and the temperatures are soaring. Summertime has arrived at last! Your lawn and plants are thriving, and your trees are beginning to bloom. A lot of homeowners see this sudden explosion of growth and mistakenly operate under the assumption that all they need to do during the summer months is mow and water. If you’re focusing solely on your grass, however, you could be doing your valued trees a grave disservice. The best tree service companies in Baton Rouge, LA can provide a wide range of services that will improve your trees’ quality of life. Regular... View Article