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Are Your Trees Prepared for Freezes?

December 28, 2020 11:41 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

Winter has officially arrived, and in some parts of the country it’s already been here, in effect, for some time now. If you haven’t yet experienced any deep freezes in your area, it’s important for you to make sure the trees on your property are prepared for the extreme cold. Even here in Baton Rouge, LA, it’s possible for tree freezing to occur, and for your trees to suffer some damage as a result. There are a couple different types of freezes that commonly occur. Radiational freezes most likely occur on clear, calm nights, when trees lose their heat into... View Article

Follow These Tips When Preparing Your Trees for Winter

November 30, 2020 11:43 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

Colder weather means your home and landscaping require special preparation. Wind, snow and ice can all be a hazard to your lawn and plants, so knowing how to get your shrubs and other features ready for winter is a key part of being a homeowner. Trees in particular require special attention—they can present a risk to your home if they’re not properly cared for, so taking some basic steps during the fall will help guarantee that they stay strong throughout the winter. It’s usually preferable to work with one of the best Baton Rouge tree services to make sure the... View Article

How to Protect a Young Tree from Wind Damage

October 8, 2020 11:12 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

All trees can be harmed by wind, but young trees are especially prone to wind damage. It’s hard for trees to recover when the wind pushes them to one side, or topples them completely. If you don’t want to lose your trees to Louisiana storms, you’ll need to take some extra care to keep them safe. Here’s how to protect your young trees from wind damage in Baton Rouge: Make sure you pick the right location to plant: When you pick a location for your new tree, look for a spot that will provide the most protection from wind. Think... View Article

Can I Save My Tree?

September 24, 2020 11:12 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

Finding out that you have a sick or dying tree is disappointing, to say the least—trees add a lot of character, shade and shelter to our yards. They’re a valuable part of the ecosystem, as well as an aesthetic feature. However, dying trees are dangerous—branches can fall and injure people, animals and property. When your trees are dying, you might wonder if they can possibly be saved. Read on to learn about spotting and caring for a sick tree in Baton Rouge: Few healthy leaves: Unless it’s autumn, your tree probably shouldn’t have a lot of dead, brown leaves. If... View Article

Pro Tips for Spring Tree Care

March 12, 2020 3:53 am Published by Leave your thoughts

As the days get longer and the weather starts to warm up, it’s a great time to start thinking about tree care and maintenance. Spring tree care is essential when it comes to promoting healthy growth, minimizing diseases and keeping your property looking its best all year long. If you’re not sure where to start with tree care this spring, keep reading this tree maintenance guide to help you ensure a great spring season for your Baton Rouge trees. For healthy trees that look great in your yard, follow these pro tips: Check tree health: It’s important to check your... View Article