As a licensed arborist, we take pride…
in going beyond the capabilities of other tree care professionals. More than just trimming and pruning, we’re able to offer you a depth of services that’s truly encompassing of your trees’ needs. Some of the additional services we offer our customers include:

  • Tree removal:
    If you have a tree that’s overgrown and has become dangerous, or one that’s growing with deformities that are sure to cause problems, it might be time to take it down. We specialize in tree removal in Baton Rouge. We’ll properly and safely fell your tree, so you can see it removed from your property before it becomes an issue.
  • Lot clearing:
    Need numerous trees removed to make way for a new development? Hire us for quick and efficient lot clearing in and around Baton Rouge. We clear lots of all sizes and can help you ensure the land is prepped and ready for development in a timely manner.
  • Tree bracing:
    Young trees often need bracing to correct growth patterns, to help them develop properly. We can assess the needs of your growing tree to determine where bracing will best help it grow up strong.
  • Landscape Tree Lighting:
    Uplighting means using grounded lamps to direct light up at the trunk or canopy of your trees, where Downlighting is pointed down and simulates the light of the moon. Landscape tree lighting allows a homeowner or visitor a better view of the area at night. An illuminated view of the perimeter can also help you to detect anyone lurking around your home.

Even beyond services listed above, we’re ready to provide you and your trees with the services they need to flourish. Call us for any and all tree service needs, including pruning and monthly maintenance, and know we’re able to tackle the job. We even have a crane truck for hard to reach areas or larger trees!

For more information about any of the peripheral tree services we’re able to provide, please contact us today by calling 225-241-8789. We’ll be happy to come out, survey your trees and offer expert solutions.