If you’ve recently had a tree removed and it left behind an unsightly stump, call Allan’s Tree Service about stump grinding in Baton Rouge, LA right away! This low-invasive approach to ridding your lawn of a stump is quick and effective.

Stump grinding


Stump grinding essentially means grinding the stump down to a level that’s below the ground, so that the stump itself can be covered over with topsoil and re-seeded or sodded. Over time the stump will naturally decompose underground, while your lawn and landscape flourish on top of it.

This process is less invasive than digging out the stump or chopping it up, and it takes less time to remediate your landscape after stump grinding.

Stump removal

If grinding down and covering your stump is not an option, you may need full stump removal in Baton Rouge, LA. For landscapes that are going to be developed or built on, this is a particularly necessary concern.

Allan’s Tree Service is here to also assist you with stump removal where necessary. We can quickly remove your stump and remediate the site, so you can move forward with your plans to develop the land.

Choose the experts

When it comes to dealing with stumps, it’s best to call a professional. Why? Because an amateur approach can lead to a bigger mess and potential damage to your land and soil surrounding the stump. A professional will understand the best approach to take to a stump—one that leaves minimal mess and remediation.

To ensure you’re getting the very best in stump grinding or full stump removal, trust Allan’s Tree Service. We’ll come out and assess your stump, to provide you with an expert opinion regarding our approach. Get in touch with us today by calling 225-366-7971 and see what we can do about your pesky stump.