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Tree Cutting & Removal in Zachary-Baton Rouge

Since 2002, Allan’s Tree Service has been Baton Rouge’s full-service tree care provider, offering removal, trimming, pruning, felling, stump grinding, tree cabling, fertilization and more.

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Exceptional Tree Care

Tree Cutting & Removal in Zachary-Baton Rouge Ensuring the health and positive growth of your trees means being able to partner with a company that offers a full gamut of tree services in Baton Rouge and Zachary, Louisiana. Allan’s Tree Service is here to offer you and your trees virtually any service needed to ensure growth and health—we’re expert arborists with a passion for what we do! Whether it’s trimming and pruning as part of routine care, or bracing and fertilization to promote healthful growth, you can trust us to deliver expert oversight for your trees. And, even if it’s time for them to be removed, know that you can count on us for tree felling and stump grinding.

Our approach to tree service is totally personalized to your tree—meaning we never take the “one-size-fits-all” approach. Every tree has unique needs and we thoroughly inspect and survey your trees to make sure they’re getting what they need from us. We take pride in a job well done and never recommend services you tree doesn’t need. Instead, count on us to take special care of your trees, no matter their needs. Call today to learn how ‘we’ll go out on a limb for you’ when it comes to delivering unparalleled levels of arboreal excellence.

  • We’re a licensed arborist, familiar with all of Louisiana’s native trees and more.
  • Our business is fully licensed and insured.
  • We have a crane handy for trimming larger trees and hard-to-reach areas.
  • We’re a family-owned and –operated company.
  • We provide free estimates on all jobs, as well as senior citizen and military discounts!
  • Allan’s Tree Service is proud to offer military and senior discounts.

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Let Allan’s Tree Service give your trees the attention they need to grow beautiful, strong and healthfully. Contact us today for expert tree care from a certified arborist.

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What is an Arborist and Why do I Need One?

An arborist specializes in tree care. Arborists are specialists in horticulture with extensive training on how to properly care for individual species of trees. They don’t just trim, prune and maintain trees—they advise on how to ensure they grow strong, healthy and pest- and disease-free.

It’s important to call an arborist to maintain the trees on your property. Every individual tree has unique needs, and it takes an arborist to realize these needs. Most generic tree care service companies take a one-size-fits-all approach to tree maintenance. This means not every tree gets the care it needs to thrive. Moreover, many tree service companies don’t have the knowledge or products to properly address the needs of trees. They can prune and trim, but can’t advise on things like proper root irrigation, pest control, crown support and other important health and growth factors.

The bottom line is that an arborist can and will do what’s right for your trees. After thorough assessment, an arborist will recommend the right course of care and maintenance for a tree, to help it thrive for years to come. You’ll experience trees that are stronger and more beautiful than they’ve ever been, because they’re getting individualized attention from a tree care specialist.

The Most Common Types of Trees in Louisiana

Louisiana has the perfect climate for some of the most beautiful trees in the country. The Southern Magnolia—our state flower, which is also a tree—is a beautiful flowering tree that’s broad and imposing. They bloom in late spring and early summer, opening up ivory-white blossoms that are a sight to behold.

For a tree iconic to the South, nothing is more recognizable than the Southern Live Oak. Gnarled branches that creep outwards are a staple on old plantation properties. You’ll find the state tree closer to the bayou and marshland areas—the Bald Cypress. It’s a towering tree with fine leaves and an instantly recognizable above-ground root structure.

There are also plenty of maple and pine trees throughout the state, including idyllic sugar maple trees, known for their stunning orange hues during the fall. Purple Vitex are also popular for homeowners looking to add a little bit of color to their landscape, as are white Sweetbay Magnolias.

For homeowners looking for big, imposing, stoic trees to add to their property, nothing rivals the mighty oak. Louisiana has many different varieties to choose from, including Nuttall, Willow, Southern Red, Cherrybark and Shumard. These trees grow in excess of 30-40 feet and have lifespans of decades (even centuries) if well-cared-for.

Tree Types We Regularly Maintain & Remove After Storms

Fallen Tree Removal Cost

Sometimes—due to weather, disease or an accident—a tree may fall. Hopefully, not on anything or anyone! When it does fall, you’ll need a way to remove it quickly. Fallen trees can quickly rot, creating a home for pests, bugs, fungi and more. The bigger the tree, the harder it is to remove by yourself, which means calling a professional to handle the job.

The cost of tree removal varies—usually between $400-$2000, depending on the size of the tree and the logistics of removing it. There’s also stump removal and remediation to consider. The best way to get a price for tree removal is to have a professional come and inspect your property.

Our Tree Services Offered Throughout Baton Rouge & Zachery

We offer a full array of tree services, including the following. Click on one or more of our services listed below to learn more.

Tree Trimming & Pruning

Tree trimming and pruning are important for overall maintenance. Overgrown trees aren’t able to get the nutrients they need and can suffer from malnourishment. Similarly, thicker crowns make it harder for sunlight to penetrate, causing decay in branches that don’t get enough light.

Tree trimming and pruning takes tact and care. Over-cutting can stunt the tree’s growth and damage its health. Improper shaping can cause structural support issues, leading to leaning or over-stressed branches. Proper care can only be delivered by a tree trimming expert who understands the health of your tree and the level of cutting required to ensure safe, healthy growth.

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Tree Maintenance & Cabling

Tree maintenance differs across each individual tree on your property. In some cases, it may mean pruning and trimming. In other cases, it may mean fertilizer spikes and other ground-level care. Sometimes, bracing and cabling are needed to lend support and entice proper growth patterns for branches.

Whatever your trees need to thrive, we’ll provide it. From the top of the crown to the unseen roots below the surface, we pay close attention to the demands of your tree and ensure they’re met to the fullest. Our tree care services are available at any stage of your tree’s life—including cabling for crown shaping in full-grown trees.

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Stump Grinding & Removal

If you’ve recently had a tree removed, don’t let the stump serve as an ugly reminder of where it once stood. Grinding and removal are two options for dealing with a leftover stump, before it begins to rot or attract pests.

Stump grinding is less invasive and involves chopping the stump down below ground level, then covering it with dirt. It’ll naturally decay under the soil, while grass grows over the top to completely erase all signs of the stump. For larger stumps that can’t be ground down, remove ensures the entire thing is ripped out, the crater is filled in and the area is properly remediated.

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Lot Clearing & Tree Bracing

Planning a development on a lot with existing trees and other foliage. We can safely fell trees and clear away brush to ready your site for development. We have experience clearing acreages of all sizes and work expediently to ensure site prep can commence without hindrance.

For young trees or those with abnormal growth patterns, we offer tree bracing. Bracing can help ensure strong, healthy growth from a young age. It’s also useful for directing tree growth away from structures, power lines and nearby trees. Our bracing can also be done progressively, to correct trees over the span of their growth cycle, for optimal results.

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